Ravva formerly known as RAVACHOL is back! He has been hard at work to deliver fans with the Listen Up Series.  Earlier this month, he released the first of four new tracks. “Listen Up!” has been in production for two years and it’s well worth the wait.

Throughout “Listen Up! “, Ravva utilizes fun, enticing samples with many ebbs and flows. Ravva begins by drawing in listeners with an electrifying intro that makes one immediately groove. “Does that have to be so loud?” the song asks… YES! Turn it up in fact.  The entire track showcases Ravva’s versatility as he transports listeners into a video game through sound design. Ravva has seriously outdone himself with this one.

“I used to be a guitar player, so when I originally made this drop I wanted it to sound like it had some cool arpeggio or sweep pick on the downbeat. I really wanted to do something with the riddim format that was more melodic than usual so that listeners would want to keep coming back to it.”  – Ravva 

Be sure to be on the look-out for the full release, out soon, and let us know what you think of Ravva’s latest banger down below in the comments! It’s clear he has a massive future ahead of him.

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