Just last month, G-REX and Sully teamed up for their lead single, Back It Up”, featured on their upcoming Fusion EP,  set to be released through Wakaan this Fall. The duo continues their Joint WAKAAN project recruiting The Arcturians for the single, “How Much Further.”  This track combines their dark and heavy signature sounds, with more melodic, mellifluous vocals, merged with two bass-fueled drops equipped with deep, filthy oscillations.

The Canadian duo The Arcturians use beautiful euphonious vocals, making them extraordinary and incomparable. Collaborative singles “Companion”,  and “Vertical” with Dion Timmer, and “Go My Way”  with Oski, have led The Arcturians to rise in the electronic music scene. The Arcturians announced recently, their first album is forthcoming, and we can’t wait.

The dark, heavy, and ominous vibe of G-REX surely sets him apart. His unique signature sounds of high energy trap and bass fused with sinister dubstep sound design have become groundbreaking in the electronic dance music scene, with his collaborative singleBabatunde” with Peekaboo,Purple Haze” with Zeke Beats, and his most recent single in May 2021,  with Champagne Drip Cold Case.” 

Since his debut single, “Frequency Shift.’” in 2019, Sully has continued to make waves in the bass music scene, with support under Wakaan, including his single, “Right About Now”  featuring Isaac Castor, and solo EP, “Malfunction,” both just released this past June. 

“How Much Further” is sure to leave you in your feels with that hard-hitting bass and emotive vocals. The two Wakaan favorites delivered a hefty banger for their second track in their EP, we certainly can’t wait to hear what the two unleash with the next three tracks.

Check out what G – REX, Sully, and The Arcturians had to say about the new release below:

“When Sully and I decided we wanted to make a full EP together, we each started a couple concepts and sent them back and forth. “How Much Further” was one that he started and sent to me. We had a weekend writing session up in northern Michigan where we wrapped up most of the EP together before sending this track to The Arcturians for vocals. They had them done super fast and absolutely killed it. This is the most feelsy track that we have on the EP but definitely still has elements of both of our signature sounds.” —G-REX

When G-REX and I decided to make an EP together last year, we thought it would be great to incorporate a track that was a bit more melodic. I wrote the intro and breakdowns for ‘How Much Further’ during a mentor session around Thanksgiving time last year and knew it was the perfect fit for the EP. G-REX and I came together shortly after to flush out the drop ideas and the only thing left to do was find a vocalist. We sent it over to the Arcturians and within days, we had the final product!” —Sully

“The meaning of the lyrics can be different for everyone, but to me, it is about how the world is clearly changing in front of our eyes with all these negative things that are happening to the earth, the animals, and us. It is so exhausting to see all this pain and suffering, but the hope that we can turn things around is still there! The hope that we will live in peace with one another as equals and help each other through the toughest of times and repair the damage that has been done to this planet is still there, it’s not too late to change for the better. We can find a way to raise our vibrations to lift each other up.” —Alicia of The Arcturians

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