Returning after his massive single “FEAR” in 2020, bass prodigy Mindset is back with his signature soul rattling bass on the new EP “Everyone Sounds Like.” Having collaborated with notable names in the bass scene such as Deez, FRQ NCY, tiedye kyand more, Mindset has taken the bass scene by storm. He threw down a massive set at Yonderville this past spring and made his debut at The Black Box in August. There is no stopping this guy, and if his new music is any indication, big things are in store for him.

The first track “Brisbane” drops in with a wavering bassline that has the perfect level of grimey distortion and filth while showcasing immaculate production. The title track “Everyone Sounds Like” is kind of a misnomer as it’s powered by a unique bass line that never quits along with some bangin’ snares. At first, the track vibrates through the listener’s ears, but about halfway through, it powers up again with a short yet powerful vocal feature. The track concludes with an ominous melody, leaving listeners eager for what’s next.

Vitamins” delivers on that yearning but with a more seamless vibe. It delves into powerful bass textures, while “Fear” rumbles into listeners’ ears shortly after. As the single preceding the EP, it was met by glowing reviews from the bass scene, with this body of work reflective of Mindset’s success thus far. It concludes with some distorted vocals that add to the grungy aura of the track. Mindset taps tiedye ky for their next collaboration on “Riddim for Punkz.”  The track includes an array of interesting stylistic features, drawing listeners in and intriguing them until the wavering bass takes over. It’s a slightly different vibe than the previous tracks, although it includes the same bass influences to create a cohesive body of work.

This whole EP is a smashing success, and we can’t wait to hear it played out at shows to come! Let us know if you enjoyed this EP as much as we did in the comments below and on social media.

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