Get ready to get in touch with your feelings through Kaivon’s newest single “Last Forever” with Monika Santucci!

Kaivon continues to give us music that comes straight from the heart. He is always opening up about his personal life and spreading powerful messages to his fans about overcoming obstacles, loving yourself, and never being alone in this world. He had his first headlining tour from early last year and was the first official release on Insomniac’s new melodic-focused label Lost In Dreams. He is known for his very expressive and unique efforts and his live shows that take you on epic journeys through different genres. Catch him next month at Imagine Festival and Excision’s Lost Lands Music Festival! 

“Last Forever” is a delicate and heartwarming track, especially with Monika’s dreamy and angelic vocals. Her soothing voice alongside Kaivon’s melodic beats turns “Last Forever”  into a love lullaby that takes you rushing down memory lane. The overall theme is about holding on to memories shared with a special someone and keeping those memories alive forever. It is powerful and deep just like other songs that Kaivon has released. The build-ups transition well with the vocals and at the end, they fade out beautifully just like those memories do.

If you need an emotional release, then this is the exact song to listen to. We always want memories replaying in our minds and never forgotten and “Last Forever” captures that feeling.

What do you think of Kaivon’s newest work? Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials!

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