This year, we have seen some incredible producers thrive from the underground. The community has continued to see an upward trend of unique sounds and new faces, both of which have changed the landscape like no other. Today’s release proves that it runs deep. We had the pleasure of premiering “Dragonflies,” a track by booming up-and comers Lowcation and Curra, via Sacred Hive.

The Denver-based Lowcation has garnered some serious traction recently. He creates a more downtempo sound, adding ambiance and energy to form an adventure within his music. His style has led to collaborations with Josh Teed and Chmura, and even a mainstage slot at Sound Haven.

Curra is an Atlanta-based producer whose strength revolves around the ever-so-developing halftime subgenre. She is known for her atmospheric soundscapes that are as dark as they are beautiful.

Today’s track perfectly blends Lowcation and Curra’s talents into one gorgeous tune. The track begins with a soothing sense of calm pampered by low-end synths. Within seconds, you hear entrancing percussions combined with a dark and vibrant melody. Once that drop hits, you are thrown deep into the rabbit hole, as Lowcation and Curra hit you with bass deep enough to shatter your bones. It’s a special treat as they make sure to keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the whole adventure.

“Dragonflies” is a tune that showcases how bright the future is for these two talented minds. Here’s what Lowcation had to say about the killer new collab:

“It was dope tapping into a darker vibe and key. I wanted to match Curra’s musical vibe while incorporating ambient fluttery sounds; A blend of low end and natural setting.” -Lowcation

What did you think of this stunning collaboration? Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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