When people speak about sound design and high-end production in bass and EDM, one producer that always comes to mind is Mr. Bill. For many years, Mr. Bill has made a stamp on the scene like none other. He has continued to make huge strides in his skills and proceed to blow his fans away with incredible music. He has shown no boundaries to what kinds of bass he can create. Collaborations with ill.GatesDirt MonkeyEsseks, and more have truly showcased what he can do.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Mr.Bill also runs a podcast where he interviews all sorts of interesting people, both within the industry and outside, ranging from Duncan Trussel to Freddy Todd. For this week’s edition, Mr. Bill will switch places and become the interviewee, bringing in friend and collaborator ill.gates to do the interviewing.

This Friday, Mr. Bill released a truly groundbreaking album. “Phantasmagoria” is a compilation of fifteen tunes that he has been working on for eighteen months. If you’re a fan of all types of bass music, this album is definitely for you.

Mr. Bill starts the album with songs that are a bit more chilled out. “Sad Pro” and “Golden Gate” are two beautiful downtempo tracks to keep you grounded at the beginning. From “Pleasure Seeker” on out, the music starts to get heavier, fitting to his style. “Too Complicated”, his first of multiple collabs with up and comer eliderp, picks up the pace as it gets you on your feet and moving like you’re at the club. It’s an hour-long thrilling journey like none other.

Mr. Bill makes sure there’s something for everyone. Phantasmagoria” ranges from downtempo, to heavy bass, to halftime, to IDM, and even music in between. Collabs with kLL sMTHThe WiddlerSorrow, and more keep the album incredibly fresh. You can tell that Mr. Bill put as much effort as possible into making this compilation of tunes one to remember.

What did you think of this incredible piece of work? Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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