The Colorado-based bass wizard Mersiv has been treating fans with tons of music, releasing bangers nonstop over the past few years. He has proven himself to be a mastermind with his unique Pretty Dark Loud” style of electronic music, delivering emotion and meaning within all of his work.

Mersiv is gearing up for the release of his debut, full-length album Pretty Dark Loud, which is a defining moment for fans of the freeform electronic genre. It’s set to be released any week now off of his own Morflo Records. Each song will offer different elements and energy and ultimately lead his thousands of fans into an experience like none other. The album’s lead single “Floating Underwater Above the Clouds” showed listeners the ‘pretty’ stylings of Mersiv’s production.

Then, “Forest creature (feat.’’ Killa Nova”) showcased the second element, ‘dark’, beautifully welcoming listeners in. 

Mersiv has continued his transmitted therapeutic energy on the final single on his Pretty Dark Loud Album, “The Death Note.”

This single showcases the ‘loud’ side of his production, a heavy-hitting banger with a grungy vibe and high energy dubstep is sure to leave you with a sense of comfort. It’s one of our favorites of the singles thus far and we can’t wait till we get our hands (and ears) on his upcoming debut album.

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