The up-and-comer UNKNWN has made a presence in the scene like very few have. He has created some of the hottest deep bass tunes in the underground. Ranging from melodic sounds to low-end simplistic downtempo, he has proved that his sound stands out and speaks for itself. It has led to releases on Gravitas Records, The Untz, and even MeSo’s Spicy Bois.

Today, UNKNWN unleashes two deep tunes for your ears. The “Growth” EP contains music that you may remember from his mixtape back in February. They now have come to light in such an incredible way, showcasing what UNKNWN is capable of.

The first track is titled “Purple Fern”. UNKNWN takes you into his thought process using a gorgeous plethora of percussions, ambiance, and pure bass. It puts you in a trance as you navigate through the dark mysteries of the world. If it leaves you wanting more, UNKNWN continues this enigmatic trend with the next tune. The title track, “Growth,” kicks off with eerie synths to immediately draw the listener in. It takes forty-five seconds until you’re catapulted into a gorgeous bassline, basking in its glorious wub-fueled glow.

This rising star in the making showed what he is capable of here and that he will be making a stamp on the scene sometime very soon. Here’s what he had to say about the EP:

“This EP features the two tracks that took the lead on my unreleased mixtape back in February. The entire mixtape was a project I made when I was going through a big phase of creative growth. Both of these tunes acted as conceptual anchors for the entire mix, and represent that big growth I was going through (:”  UNKNWN

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