Dive into and discover another side of yourself with Prophecticals new album!

Bass producer Prophectical from Florence, Italy delivers “To Your Other Self,” an album that will take you on a time-traveling journey within your mind. He is an up and coming producer who grew up surrounded by music and at only eighteen years old he is already producing music that will blow you away!

A powerful influence on his upbringing is his grandfather, who would share plots of opera plays and write orchestra music, which is all reflected in this new album. After five years of producing, this is his second piece of full-length work following his first project titled “Brave New World.” 

“To Your Other Self”  begins with an opening similar to the start of an orchestra show. The curtains pull and the first track, “Past,” starts, which sets up the dark and edgy overall album theme. The tempo changes and you hear a beautiful piano preparing you for the second effort, “Decoherence,” that suddenly takes you down a rabbit hole full of dark bass and mid-tempo. It is mesmerizing and futuristic and alll the sounds are blended nicely.

The next musical stage set up is “Dimensions”, which makes you feel like you are about to start a battle with your other-self. The orchestral parts of the song are stunning and mix in well with the electro bass. Once it is over, “Present” starts almost like a timer alerting you for the next step of the journey, with more unique bass and drums. “Observer” then grabs your attention with the sound of raindrops and then the build-up to strong bewitching beats. This could be the soundtrack of a film!

The sixth single takes you back to a slower and sadder beat. Picture rain falling on a gloomy day and someone standing alone stranded at a bus stop waiting for anyone and anything to save him from his sadness. This cinematic song titled “The Last Tear” will give you just that before the finale of the album. From “Past” to now “Future,”  the ending song ties all the efforts together. The orchestra and storytelling beats all come in at once giving you one last goodbye as the lights go off and the show ends.

“To Your Other Self” tells a complete imaginative story. Every track fits perfectly into this beautiful journey from the past to the future. The title, “To Your Other Self”, is exactly where this album takes you to, allowing you to enter another dimension. Prophectical is a producer that you should follow along with, especially after this masterpiece. It is enchanting from start to finish.

Here is what Prophectical had to say about his album “To Your Other Self” :

“Influenced by the concepts of parallel worlds and possible futures, this seven-track album is a journey across a timeline – just one in the infinite possibilities – from Past to Present to Future. Two orchestral and cinematic tracks serve as interludes, while two other tracks (a techno and a dark electro one) complete the work, surely taking the listener to their other selves.” -Prophectical

Did you get taken “To Your Other Self” with Prophectical’s album?  Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments or on our socials!

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