Space Wizard, one of the original Spicy Bois, is back with another highly-anticipated three-track EP. “Prometheus” will likely split your brain into a million tiny, confused pieces and suck them right back up into something remarkably beautiful.

The Philadelphia native is one of the many bass artists that really blew up over the pandemic. His ability to develop sounds people haven’t heard before and then to arrange them in a way that will, not only keep you on your toes, but tell a story, is why Space Wizard is becoming a household name in the underground bass community.

Released on Subtronics‘ new label, Cyclops Recordings, “Prometheus” is the forbidden journey that you may just get lost in. The wizard’s mysteriously unusual vibrations will likely have you questioning what it is that you are even listening to from start to finish.

The first track, “Pyramids”, starts the project off just right. The high-frequency, alien buildup leads us to a temple of fluttering buzz, heavy bass, and sounds that are, quite frankly, just impossible to describe. Welcome to Prometheus.

The second track, “Harrier”, is a collaboration with the digital bass maestro himself, Mize. The sounds of the two artists complement each other perfectly. This is their second official collab, following their Wakaan collission “Mind Filth”. Their finished product: a wet, mechanical masterpiece with a side dish of bass.

The final track, “Prometheus”, is a puzzle likely to send an inexperienced listener into a disoriented state of query if not careful. The melodic buildup switches into a hurricane of synchronized clashes that make you feel like you are stuck in a washing machine.

This is exactly what Space Wizard should sound like” -Space Wizard

Space Wizard has a busy year left ahead of him. If you didn’t get to catch him at Lost Lands, be sure to place him on your list. His eccentric stage presence is just as captivating as the reality-defying visuals. You can find him at Peekaboo’s Black Hole Tour, the Holy Ship! Wrecked festival in Mexico, and plenty of other spots including Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York.

What did you think of his epic new EP off Cyclops Recordings?

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