The intergalactic space dweller is back! Tripzy Leary is an extraterrestrial producer who has been cranking out tons of music as of late and he just doesn’t miss. Today, the Canadian bass wizard is linking up with HIHF for an exclusive premiere of his new track, “Stargaze”.

Out now off of his new Cyberculture EP, “Stargaze” transports listeners straight to the starry cosmos. Tripzy Leary is well known for his ‘space bass’ sound and has released on huge imprints in the past like Wakaan and Wormhole.

His most recent release before this was his massive collision course of a collaboration with Spicy Bois labelhead MeSo, titled “BassX”. He also occasionally flexes his rap skills, which were put on full display on his Generation Z album released back in 2020.

On “Stargaze”, Tripzy Leary is bringing out all the stops. Featuring his unique, deep bass sound, this new track is a futurisitic transmission of a soundscape and we can’t wait to catch it dropped live on a festival stage. Tripzy Leary can truly do no wrong, whether he is slanging low-end bass, huge dubstep anthems, or even spitting bars.

What did you think of “Stargaze”? Let us know and be sure to check out the full Cyberculture EP from Tripzy Leary below!

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