Experimental bass music producer and visual artist Of The Trees hails from Maine, although, currently resides in Denver, Colorado. He has proven himself as a top-tier producer in the underground bass music scene with heavy influence from dance music, ambient, and hip hop, cumulating in calming downtempo creations, heavy bass anthems, and lively piano harmonizations. Today, he returns with “Windhorse.”

Sophie Marks is a songwriter and artist from New Jersey. Her inspiration stems from everyday life, her own personal experiences, and the experiences of those around her, to create lyrics listeners can connect and resonate with.

Of The Trees has started a very exciting new chapter of his career with his newest project “Tale of Elegos.”  The upcoming EP is centered around creative expression and intentional and visual artistry.

Today, Of The Trees unravels the first chapter on his forthcoming five-track ep, “Windhorse”  featuring Sophie Marks. Of The Trees continues his captivating and hypnotic sounds of ambient, beautiful melodies, and soothing music with “Windhorse.” The new single evokes a truly immersive narrative for listeners.

We are stoked, to say the least, to hear Of The Tree’s newest project when it’s released in full later this month.

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