Wakaan continues to deliver gems, especially on their newest release of Ravenscoon’s and smith.’s collaboration,“Getcha Movin’.”  Wearing the most high-tech possible scuba gear, the duo dives into the trenches of the dark sea to confront an absolute leviathan.

Escaping the grips of tentacles, Ravenscoon and smith. push listeners through a series of cinematic bass ammunitions, sure to leave your jaw on the floor. The overcast of vocals highlights the anticipation building up to the catastrophic drop.

This is not Ravenscoon’s first time in the spotlight of Wakaan. He recently made his debut with the label this past summer with his acclaimed Revolve EP. He later followed that up with his illanthropy. collab, making his SSKWAN debut with “Drowning.”

smith. has previously worked with labels such as Cyclops Records, Spicy Bois, and UPLOC. “Getcha Movin'” marks his first release with WAKAAN. Be sure to catch him this fall as he joins Level Up’s Summoning Tour alongside Ace Aura and Space Wizard, as well as next year on Subtronics’ 2022 The Fractal Tour. He is also well known for his “Gourmet Shit” guest mix series, which are both absolutely fire.

Let us know your thoughts on Ravenscoon’s and smith’s “Getcha Movin'” down below in the comments or on our socials! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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