Two of the hottest names in the underground bass world are colliding for an insane new collaboration from Liquid Stranger‘s SSKWAN label. Today, Ravenscoon and Illanthropy are unleashing their diabolical new tune “Drowning”.

Ravenscoon is an up-and-comer who everyone who appreciates bass music should have their eyes and ears on. He originally linked with Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label with his Revolve EP, which was released earlier this year. He’s been featured on our HIHF guest mix series and we even did an interview with him to coincide with his massive Wakaan release. In a very short period of time, he’s been booked for tons of shows and festivals and has garnered a huge fanbase in the bass world.

Illanthropy is a producer who solely churns out greatness. The heavyweight has worked with some of the most exciting names in the underground over the years, ranging from Smoakland to Scales to ill.gates to Meduso, even working with Ravenscoon in the past as well. His last album, Find Your Mind, came to us self-released and proved he is a force to be reckoned with. Today, he returns for another taste of greatness, flaunting his production chops.

The two artists’ used this tune to express their feelings about the tough time we all have faced over the past two years, through lockdown and political turmoil. “Drowning” serves as an outlet for both the song’s creators and it’s consumers, whilst flexing production muscles from both artists throughout. It emotes an old school dubstep feeling that much of their work has in the past and we are ecstatic to see what’s to come from these two rising star DJs.

Here is what Illanthropy had to say about their new collab:

“‘Drowning’ presented itself as an opportunity to express the social, emotional, and spiritual struggles I have had over the past year or so. I have experienced a lot of heartbreak and trauma that was unavoidable, and it made me pretty reclusive for some time. In those periods of being reclusive, I cycled through stages of grief and mania and felt emotions I had never felt… It literally felt like I was drowning. When [Ravenscoon] sent me the first draft, it took me some time to feel inspired and dive in… Once I did, inspiration came pouring out of me like a waterfall. I write so many songs that I am happy with, but sometimes certain songs just strike a nerve. This was one of those songs. It felt so good to pour myself and everything I was feeling into this song. Paul and I work so well together, it just comes easy. We have worked on music before and have a foundational respect for each other’s talents and visions. Seeing these efforts come into fruition in a song like ‘Drowning’ is so vindicating and beautiful.”


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