Jordnmoody is one of the hottest up-and-coming names in bass music, and his newest work, “Inhibitions,” is no exception. He has been on a massive tour aptly dubbed “The Breakout Tour”, with other incredibly talented artists Tape B and Episcool. They even opened for heavyweight Supertask in San Francisco earlier this summer. This newest work only further cements jordnmoody as one to watch as he crushes release after release.

This six-song EP titled “Inhibitions” features exquisitely constructed beats and the dirtiest of basses. There’s no denying this artist is going big places, and this release definitely proves that. Here’s what he had to say about this compilation:

“this 6 track multi-genre EP is an ode to my truest self.

simply writing for who i am as opposed to trying to fit a mold.

hope they resonate with you as they do for me.” -jordnmoody

The first track on this work, dubbed “NOMADS“, starts things off with a slow, intentional build. It then drops down into a trap beat that grooves in all the right ways. Artists’ vocals peppered throughout add interest and intrigue. We then progress into “LOST“, which is decidedly slower and more on the back end type of the beat. The aura of the track allows the listener to get lost in the musicality as they enter a maze of bass and synths.

INFERNO” features a fire bass beat that melds stylistic influences in the tastiest of ways. Next, “COMEAROUND” continues to play off of jordnmoody’s strengths in crafting impeccable bass. There is a simplicity to this track that emphasizes the artistry and intention put into formulating every sound that graces listeners’ ears.

UKNOWIGOTIT” is the curveball of this work. It throws in a housey influence that somehow makes perfect sense in this bass-dominated EP. Switching things up in the perfect way, it gives you a little sprinkle of something different, while still utilizing the same influences to keep things cohesive.

Lastly, “INHIBITIONS” wraps things up with a bang. The title track features a plethora of synths that melt together to create a track that moves and grooves with each twist and turn. The second half of the track breaks down into synthy goodness, gliding through space with a gritty smoothness.

We are so excited to see where this talented artist goes from here. Take a listen to jordnmoody’s “Inhibitions” EP below and let us know what you think in the comments and on socials!

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