The London-based producer, Shadient, emerges from the darkness to unleash his Have You No Burden album. Since becoming a protege to  Porter Robinson’s, Shadient has been taking over the scene with his range of unique and complex tracks and performances. He gained a high level of praise from his Infinite Structure EP in 2020, so his full-length debut album on Gud Vibrations is bound to gain much more.

Shadient blends melodies with countless bass structures as listeners embark on a journey into a darkening void. Prior to the release of the thirteen-track album, he released “Ego Insaniac,” “Dancing Alone Again,” “Roadworks,” and “Crash” to give fans a taste of what the collection of tunes would be like.

The world of darkness is introduced as “Sort of Hell” engulfs listeners with echoing voices and eerie synths that resemble the depths of the underworld. Those depths are filled with violins and piano chords that are blended with fknsyd’s vocals in “Sympathy Coil.” The element of mystery is painted as orchestral synths and whispering vocals intertwine with a pounding bass line.

Transitioning into “Don’t Make a Sound,” Sh4dows’ vocals soothe our souls, paried with dynamic synths. With the use of cascading vocals, “Solidarity” makes a grand entrance to mark the middle of the album. “Crash” features fknsyd and Catnapp as an industrial bassline sets the tone that then transitions into the melodic tune “In Your Absence.” 

Fknsyd is given the spotlight once more for “Dancing Alone Again” before transitioning into “Your Light.” Shadient changes gears with “Memory Loss” – a short and dark track that is contrasted with bright vocals. “All of This” is the closing curtain for the album, with orchestral elements and spiraling piano notes. The trek through the darkness is carried out by a minimalistic beat before a distant voice calls out to the listener one last time.

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