In a parallel universe, electronics have hijacked the mind and eternally unchained the soul. It seems as if the tears from the broken-hearted have untied a new realm. A dual reality paints a tragically picturesque panorama of artistic artillery fueled by melodious music. And it just so happens that the Florida-based bass producers AVELLO and Ghost Lotus remain at the forefront. Together, they’ve created a key to the matrix. With “Swear On My Tears”, AVELLO and Ghost Lotus crack through the biosphere to stretch the core of humanity.

We’re getting used to the interstellar exertion from the energy of AVELLO. We were lucky enough to premiere his track with “PRESENCE” and even had him on for a Pregame Guest Mix. Since then, his exposure has amplified, reaching colossal placements on Subsidia, No Hype Music, and Electric Hawk.

From the home of Fractalliance, Ghost Lotus is no stranger to HIHF either. We premiered his track with verse. released through Headbang Society and have been on the lookout for more from him since. Through a few impressive releases with the hybrid-trap guru Saint Miller, to outreached remixes of Daft Punk and Gucci Mane, Ghost Lotus is ascending from the underground as we know it. His expansion has even gained him placements on jam-packed lineups such as EDC Orlando, Bigfoot Electro, and Shipwrecked.

It’s an interstellar experience that unmasks the mind and unwraps the soul

So yeah, these two worlds have collided, and now a cosmic void is unsealed. “Swear On My Tears” is the complete release of a beautiful dichotomy. The contrast of graphic basslines layered on top of future bass synthesizers craft such beautiful mayhem of vitality. Every second is unexpected as the project guides you on a quest for healing and enlightenment.

AVELLO gave us some words on what it was like to collab with Ghost Lotus:

Swear on My Tears was such a smooth collaboration. Ghost Lotus and I shared a vision of creating a track that blended our styles. My favorite aspect of this release is that it doesn’t fit into one category, but rather it pulls inspiration from several genres. We’ve been dropping this track in our sets for months so it feels great to finally share it!” – AVELLO

We’re stoked “Swear On My Tears” from AVELLO and Ghost Lotus is finally out! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tag us on our socials.

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