Coming to you straight from the underground, JamL is releasing their fresh new ep, Good Evening. JamL stands for “Just Another Music Lover.” The four-track project runs just under eighteen minutes and our only wish is that it continued for even longer.

The title track “Good Evening” kicks things off with a wonky fusion of hip-hop influences and experimental bass. Featuring a classical violin section alongside funky basslines, the track is a fantastic introduction to the EP.

Damn Right” features Bitsky and continues to blend together sub-genres. The tune opens with an epic electric guitar, setting an energetic tone for the track as a fresh bassline bubbles into existence. Ultimately, genres collide as deep bass meets rock ‘n roll in this melodic masterpiece.

Jab” slows things down and showcases excellence in simplicity as a single vocal sample is used to brew up a multitude of emotions. JamL concocts a bone-shattering bass section culminating in a filthy explosion of rhythms.

My Guy” closes out the project on a very high note. This bop is a breath of fresh air and does well to reenergize the EP with upbeat jazz influences.

Altogether, we’re loving this underground collection from JamL. You can check out the Good Evening EP down below and be sure to let us know what you think about it on our socials! Also, show JamL some love on his socials!

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