Viskus is an Oklahoma City sound design maestro who has been on FIRE lately. After releases on Subcarbon and Wakaan, and collaborations with Space Wizard, Ravenscoon, and VLCN, Viskus is carving out a name for himself within the quickly moving underground bass world.

We had Viskus on board for a HIHF guest mix last October where he brought some serious ‘spoopy’ vibes. You can check that out here.

Today, Viskus returns to GRVDNCR, home to names like Boogie T, Level Up, Notixx, and tons of talented other big-name dubstep artists. For his brand new “Chasing Phantoms” EP, Viskus brings fans some of his most innovative and exciting work to date. Featuring five new bangers from the young producer, each filthier than the last, this project is a MUST LISTEN.

Here’s what Viskus had to say about this epic new release:

“Chasing Phantoms is a genre-bending EP that consists of five different weird and wonky tunes of ALL different genres. From dubstep, experimental, drum and bass, halftime, and even bass house. My goal for this EP was to challenge myself to apply my sound to different compositional elements from a diverse spectrum of some of my favorite genres in EDM. 

The name Chasing Phantoms comes from the concept that we are constantly chasing after new music that gives us some sort of visceral emotional connection. I am hoping that this body of work can provide that connection for you.” -Viskus


What was your favorite track off “Chasing Phantoms?” Let us know down below in the comments!

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