The Gradient Perspective and Para Presents have been drawing an impressive amount of talent to the DC bass scene and their event with Ternion Sound headlining at Flash was no different. The lineup brought out two artists from Minneapolis, Ternion Sound and DRTY HBTZ, as well as Atlanta-based Parrotice and Maryland local Seromatic. This sonically diverse lineup of artists received a significant and highly energetic crowd for a Wednesday night. The rooftop takeover by local DJs provided a nice contrast to the very intense Funktion-One system that powers the main dancefloor. 

The build into Ternion Sound was ideal. Seromatic got the space warmed up with a variety of tunes that kept you on your feet. After that, DRTY HBTZ’ stark drum programing combined with thick and complex basslines served the space well. When you walked into the room during her set it was like you were going underwater and you could feel the pressure on your chest. Parrotice brilliantly started his set on a more upbeat vibe with some garage. It was refreshing to hear some two-step and made the cross back over into aggressive bass music exhilarating.

The energy in the room when Ternion Sound started was tangible. They didn’t have to hold anything back and immediately got the crowd jumping. Their music was a perfect addition to the deep bass of DRTY HBTZ and the more distorted sounds in Parrotice’s set. Of this three-person team, Jack and Aric made the journey to DC, and the duo had a great dynamic on stage. You could see them working together seamlessly to create a dynamic mix with effect throws and other classic dub-style mixing techniques. 

The whole experience at Flash was amazing. The lights were on point and encompassed the entire room. The impressive sound system made the music have a physical presence in such a surreal way. I would not miss out on any future event hosted there by The Gradient Perspective and Para Presents.

Plan on heading to Flash soon? They’ve got shows from NotLö, Black Carl!, Manic Focus, Super Future, and more coming up soon. Let us know in the comments when you are headed to the DC club next!

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