Flatfoot Sam is returning to the airways today with a killer full-length album! Sam has been around the block, starting his production journey at only fifteen years old in the late nineties and crafting multiple vinyl bangers as he aged into his twenties. Drawing inspiration from the original hardcore DJs who shook the dance music world back in the day, Flatfoot Sam is back with an updated sound on his brand new album, TripField.

Fast forward to the begining of the COVID lockdown. Flatfoot Sam conceives the idea for “Tripfield,” a new sub-genre that focuses on melding left-field bass with trip-hop. Harnessing his creative abilities to bring a fresh sound to light, he eventually crafted his next album to be the new styling’s namesake.

Tripfield, the album, features fifteen absolute slappers from the electronic production veteran. The edge throughout the album is crystal clear, giving ‘experimental bass’ a run for its money. Absolute bangers that range from 80 to 110bpm fuel the album, all of which are a straight assault on the senses.

This unique sound may very well lead to the explosion of Flatfoot Sam and his Tripfield stylings. Tracks like “Ferry Chain,” “Ven A Bailar,” and “Not a Round” brilliantly mix hard dance with bass elements that are sure to knock the listener right out of their seats. The raw production prowess is front and center with this project and we hope to see much more like this from Flatfoot Sam in the future.

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