Samplifire and Dirtyphonics are taking a huge leap into the New Year with their captivating track, “Molitor.” This is the second collab from the trio, following their “In Your Skull” record in 2019 which showcased the artists’ ability to pack anticipation into every moment of the one-minute, twenty-eight-second build-up. This edge-of-your-seat element can surely be found in “Molitor” as well!

These three French producers have a lot to offer the music scene with their creative approach to integrating different styles of dance music into a single track. The harmonic convergence of Samplifire– one of the fastest up-and-coming riddim artists on the scene– and the legends of bass music behind Dirtyphonics will take you on an electro-journey in this single.

The introduction to “Molitor” is rich in suspense, drawing your interest as soon as the song starts, and then leading you to a tasty dub-filled summit. The classic dubstep sound design creates an inevitable desire to move in rhythm to the perfectly timed beat, brought to you by the innovation of Samplfire’s dubstep expression. The second drop… now that’s a talking point.

You can feel the way Dirtyphonics poured themselves into their work with the way their style makes you do a double-take. The kind of bass that has you go back and listen to it again just to make sure you heard it correctly… and it tastes so much sweeter!

Their production really welcomes interpretation of sound as you can feel the tempo rising with both psytrance and deep-techno influence, completely switching up the energy of the tune in the most jaw-dropping way. I dare you not to dance when you listen to it!

Dirtyphonics are back from a sold-out European tour in 2021 and ready to rock, already pushing out their brand new What The French EP where you can also find the standout ”Molitor” single alongside collaborations with IVORY, Graphyt, and Ecraze. Make sure to stream the new track and EP for a beautiful collaborative body of work defining and setting a standard for French bass music!

Were you as mind-blown as we were by “Molitor”? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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