Indonesian color bass virtuoso Papa Khan is back with a new track, a gorgeous but angsty anthem for the downtrodden called “Never Cared“. Well known for his breakout hit “Rain” and having released on Monstercat and Joytime Collective, the young producer is a household name in the color bass community. Lauded by such EDM legends as Skrillex and Marshmello, and scheduled to make his North American debut opening for Marauda on his tour later this year, Papa Khan is clearly ascending in the world of dubstep. When asked to comment on his newest tune, Papa Khan tells fans “for those that have been betrayed and hurt, this one is for you”.

“Never Cared” begins with ethereal notes, chimes trill as distant, distorted vocals fade in to create a serene soundscape, washing over the listener’s ears. The vocal hook cuts in, the singer’s voice is bitter and angsty as he repeats the refrain “you never really cared”, but satisfyingly harmonized with the other elements of the track. The vocal segment is brief, but the words are laden with meaning, conveying all too familiar memories of a toxic relationship. The drop is delicate and intricate, but with a bouncy groove that is certain to move bodies when played out live. A complex drum arrangement complements aggressive, but melodic synth stabs, and the singer’s voice returns for another lyrical section before a second drop begins to ensure into madness.

Blending Papa Khan’s trademark melodic sound with vocals more in the style of a pop-punk track, “Never Cared” is a forward-thinking and innovative work of art out now on the esteemed Monstercat label. Keep your eyes on this young production genius as he continues to blur genre lines and push boundaries!

What did you think of “Never Cared”? Are you planning to catch Papa Khan on one of his North American tour stops? Check out the track via the links below and let us know what you think on our socials or in the comments!

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