Common Creation is back with the four-track Somber Science EP. Released on Liquid Stranger‘s downtempo label, SSKWAN, this collection takes the listener on a sonic journey. The production virtuoso is known for his own style of psychedelic soul bass. While his inaugural EP “Tiger Blood” made waves when it was released on SSKWAN‘s sister label last year, WAKAAN, “Somber Science” takes the energy down for a relaxing and reflective – but groovy – listening experience.

In 2015, DJ and producer Chris Teel started the Common Creation project, synthesizing jam band flavors with experimental sound design and arrangement. He also performed at Griz‘s legendary two-night Space Camp curated event in December. We expect to see many more appearances from Common Creation this year, so keep your eyes peeled!

The sonic signature of this new EP is mystical, ethereal, and funky. “Earth Rise on the Moon” sets the tone with a beautifully crafted introduction, with plucks, pads, and a tasteful vocal sample to fill out the space. The first chorus has what feels like a dancehall-inspired rhythmic pattern, but slowed down and colored with Common Creation’s signature sound design. A pluck bass fills the spaces between the drum beats, while trippy arpeggios and effects create a psychedelic atmosphere. The midsection is reminiscent of the intro, but the second chorus switches things up. With a more breakbeat rhythm and some more varied basslines and bass design, the second chorus is nothing short of an absolute jam. The vocals chant overtop, creating a timeless chill-out groove.

The title track, “Somber Science,” follows, and this one brings the VIBES. The production techniques here take us back to the era of chopping, screwing, and sampling audio into beats. A depthless bed of layered instrumentation creates a mosaic of sampled sounds that is rich, organic, and authentic. Booming 808s and effected claps create the rhythmic backdrop for this jaw-dropping composition. If you can’t tell, I absolutely loved this one.

“Tampa Type” opens up to a bed of organic textures and jazzy synth chords. Drums fade in, building to a funky and upbeat chorus. Snappy, swingy percussion creates an electrofunk vibe, while the sound design and sample selection build upon the theme. Horns, flutes, and other acoustic instruments are sampled and arranged to play off the motif created by the chords.  The second chorus brings back the same flavor, but the bassline goes IN! If you’re not smiling and nodding your head to this one, I’d be astonished.

The final track, titled “Weighted Woke,” is a bit more laid back than “Tampa Type” yet a bit more uptempo and dancey than the first two pieces. This final tune blends the best of what the EP brought to the table into an atmospheric, funky masterpiece. The nostalgic sampling styles are present, but pads and synth plucks shimmer throughout the mix. Glitched-out drums and a catchy bassline create the perfect structure for all of the insane sound design the Common Creation brings to the table. This EP was a joyful listening experience, and this track closes the collection out perfectly.

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