At Heard It Here First, we have witnessed the swift rise of many prolific artists in bass music, two of whom have been continually catching the attention of some of the top leading labels and artists. This next release comes from the brilliant minds of some of the most prominent up-and-comers in the free-form bass music community. Shanghai Doom and Xotix have teamed up on a savage new track, “Wook Flu.” Their organic and vastly outlandish styles make them ideal choices for this hypnotizing new collaboration off the esteemed Bassrush Records.

California bass trio Xotix dropped their first official release in 2019 with “Fractals.” Since then, they have gained massive notoriety with releases like their “What The Hell Is Wrong With Xotix” EP, collabs with Blurrd Vzn and Secret Recipe, and releases on some of the most hyped labels like Wubaholics, Spicy Bois, Subsidia, and, of course, Bassrush. We even had them on our guest mix series in early 2021.

Since 2017, Shanghai Doom has been melting faces with their mind-blowing production prowess. This talented duo creates some of the industry’s most intricate experimental bass music. With performances at festivals like Wakaan Music FestivalGet Freaky Festival, and Ubbi Dubbi, they are all gas, no brakes, and taking no prisoners along the way. 

“Wook Flu” draws you in with its catchy beat and wastes no time in absolutely destroying your mind with the explosive bass we come to expect from these artists. It brings all the fun and trippy aspects you experience at a festival and delivers them flawlessly throughout the entire track. Between the highs and lows and the unpredictable changing tempo, this is a rollercoaster ride of a tune from start to finish.

We knew that Xotix and Shanghai Doom would bring “Wook Flu” to a level we had not yet seen before, but this was beyond what we expected. It’s hypnotic and mind-bending and they went all-out on this track, leaving us craving more from the collaborators. 

Did “Wook Flu” boggle your brains, or is it just us? Tell us in the comments below or on our social media!

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