Few artists have seen a meteoric rise similar to Xotix in the last few years, as the trio has made a name for themselves with eccentric sound design and incredible energy. Nearly a year following the EP’s initial release, the self-proclaimed bass music boy band has released a remix pack of their captivating project Fresh. These remixes range from boisterous hybrid trap to minimal dubstep to aggressive, punishing tearout.

The Northern California trio has been off to a stellar start to 2022, playing The Black Box in Denver and a stop on LSDREAM‘s Peace Love and Wubz tour for a Spicy Bois takeover.

Xotix assembled quite the roster for this remix EP, highlighted by bd hbt, Kurei, Frantik, Jalaya, and smol, among others. Ashez kicks off the EP with a lethal hybrid trap remix of “Fresh,” combining classic trap percussion with bass-driven synth leads.

bd hbt and Kurei had an incredible take on the EP’s eponymous single, combining elements of deep dubstep with hybrid trap to create an incredibly unique sound.

Jalaya’s remix of “Pit” stands out significantly, as vocal chops blend with wicked, distorted bass stabs. The range present on this EP is phenomenal, and speaks to the breadth of Xotix’s sound and reach in the bass music community.

Which one of these remixes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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