The vibrant and saturated sounds of G-REX and RAVVA stand out for their exciting and very danceable arrangements. The combination of their efforts into the three-piece “Everyday EP” makes for a stunning and high-energy joyride into some of the most fun bass to slap eardrums this year. The new EP dropped last week through Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label.

“Everyday” is a perfect example of club-oriented bass. The hip-hop hook plays into a predictable arrangement for the first drop that is honestly refreshing in an era of bass where a lot of new music feels like it’s trying to defy expectations just a little too hard. The effective call and response pattern of bass wubs followed by a fast and uneasy arpeggio give this an exhilarating feeling. The latter half does throw a curve in the mix by slowing down the tempo, which is a very interesting and ear-catching technique.

After a menacing intro, “Needa” cranks up the tension with a building arpeggio. It’s a song with a ton of velocity, the first section has glassy textures and intricate bass articulations layered on top of each other with a very stompy exchange between the two. The second section strips the layers away for a minimal chilled-out drop.

There is something new and fresh happening in the last song off this EP, “Encore.” The song utilizes interplay between a steady 4/4 techno rhythm, chaotic breakbeats, and high-energy riddim. With three distinct drops, it demonstrates the idea that genres are not constraints but creative tools to use when writing music. 

G-REX and RAVVA’s “Everyday EP” is true to its namesake with each song presenting a remarkable amount of replayability. Look forward to seeing both artists push themselves into new directions with their sound in future releases.

Crates I’m Putting This Into: Hybrid Hype, Invasion Trap, Stompy

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