He’s from the future and he’s here to tell you that it will all be okay. Two kings of experimental bass music are back at it today with another wildly charismatic and bass-heavy tune. Wakaan‘s fearless leader Liquid Stranger and his right-hand man LSDREAM have successfully delivered yet another bass-heavy tour de force on “Take A Trip.” 

LSDREAM and Liquid Stranger recently put out a mind-blowing collab, Potions,” on LSDREAM’s Peace Love And Wubz” album. Today, they’ve teamed up on “Take A Trip,” soon to be gracing Liquid Stranger’s upcoming “B A L A N C E” LP. This release comes as Liquid Stranger wraps up his Balance Tour, playing out new music for psychonauts across the country. 

“Take A Trip” brings listeners on a psychedelic voyage, layered with deep low-end bass and a roulade of synths. The sounds resonate around you as the track begins before the beat and chorus abduct your mind. Perception becomes distorted, and feelings of euphoria are just some of the many side effects of “Take A Trip.” The Wakaan labelmates took a more dynamic approach from their most recent collab, “Potions,” bringing this diabolical track to unfathomable new heights with more energy and an even “trippier” soundscape. 

When these two come together for a collaboration, fans know to expect something rare and genuine. Here is what Liquid Stranger had to say about working with LSDREAM:

“Sami is not only one of my favorite beings, but he’s also one of the easiest for me to collaborate with. When we get in the studio together, everything seems to align, and our music just flows together. We have so much fun and are still able to learn from one another throughout the process. “Take a Trip” is meant to be a dancefloor banger, but also has some introspectiveness to it, so I don’t want that to be overlooked.”

While at the forefront of the bass music industry, they haven’t let that deter them from focusing on what they believe in. These two humble artists have made it their mission to promote positivity, encouragement, and good vibes through their music and everyday lives. While using their headliner caliber status to help the Wakaan family grow, they take time to show the bass industry that while we all love the music, the community is what matters more than anything.

Turn up the volume, mix up them potions, and “Take A Trip” with Liquid Stranger and LSDREAM! Tell us your thoughts on their newest work of art in the comments below or on our socials!

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