Sometimes, two things combine so perfectly. The go-to examples are obviously peanut butter and jelly, Batman & Robin, and cereal and milk. The track we present to you is a classic example of two things going hand in hand. Today, we have the absolute pleasure of teaming up with MiMOSA and DMVU for an exclusive premiere of their brand new collab, “Purple Stuff”, out now on Muti Music.

Based out of the Bay Area, MiMOSA is a name that’s popped around for quite some time. He has always brought forth a clean sound design, no matter what the subgenre was. Many of his tracks have been smash hits with fans, and there are no signs of him stopping any time soon. He also recently played a breath-taking performance at Infrasound back in late September.

As for HIHF-favorite DMVU, he’s amassed an incredible year for himself. He continues to make waves in bass music with his diverse stylings that range all over the spectrum. The energy felt within his music radiates all over the scene in the best way possible. This year, he brought forth two incredible releases, with his beautiful downtempo masterpiece Praise Be Delusion Or, The Ripple with Dome of Doom, and his bone-shattering EP The Chain with Wakaan.

DMVU also headlined our Cabin Fever Fest live stream back in June, alongside booming up and comers like Benji Robot, Mad Pritch, Evalution, Gardella and more! The event was a fundraiser benefitting The Innocence Project, an organization that helps free wrongly convicted people.

A Perfect Pairing of Purp

The heat that MiMOSA and DMVU bring to the table here is nothing short of spectacular. “Purple Stuff” kicks off with a catchy melodic synth to bless your ears. Immediately follows is an even catchier vocal sample that draws you in even closer to the music. By the time it hits the one-minute mark, they go into full throttle mode. Quickly, a plethora of basslines, glitches, and chops are combined into a teeth-grinding drop. You’re instantly blasted off into space with how heavy the boys take this tune. That sticky-icky purp strikes again!

What stands out here is how perfectly the blend of sounds presents itself. MiMOSA and DMVU are connoisseurs of all types of bass music, crafting unique sounds for years. With the two producers coming together, their sound design expertise allows the track to be as intuitive and creative as possible. The range of melodies and bass take this insane tune to new heights and we are praying for another collab from these two, hopefully soon.

Grab your popcorn, crank your headphones up, and allow MiMOSA and DMVU to pass the “Purple Stuff” they are blowin’ on. Check out this brand new roller-coaster ride below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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