Paul Conversano, aka Ravenscoon, is back with his largest, most cohesive project to date. The highly-anticipated Inertia EP is out now on Wakaan, featuring six songs that perfectly capture the unique blend of beauty and darkness that Ravenscoon has given us over the past few years. This twenty-five-and-a-half-minute journey truly exemplifies the love, dedication, and time that Ravenscoon has pumped into this project over the last year and a half.

Ravenscoon has been consistently rising through the ranks of the underground bass community over the last few years. His genre-bending production, captivating live performances, and engaging presence in the community have made this talented artist one of the most likable in the scene today. In fact, with the help of his passionate #TeamRavenscoon Discord group, he started his own radio show called “In The Nest”, which so far has featured rising talents like Barnacle Boi, Stellar, and Emurse. You know we can always get behind putting on some rising star producers. We actually hosted Ravenscoon a couple years back on our own guest mix series, you can listen to his HIHF Guest mix here.

So far this year, Ravenscoon has played some big festivals such as Ubbi Dubbi and Wobbleland. He has also supported TroyBoi as well as a number of Champagne Drip & Friends tour stops. A versatile performer, Ravenscoon has some very special sets planned for Bonnaroo, Summer Camp, Sonic Bloom and Deep Tropics later on this summer.

Ravenscoon has found himself a home at Wakaan. The Inertia EP is his third full-length release on the popular freeform label, following previous releases like the “Fun & Games” EP at the end of 2021 and the bass-shattering “Revolve” EP from last summer. Additionally, he took us on yet another magical journey with his two-and-a-half-hour Downtempo Adventure mix while also releasing two massive collabs on SSKWAN and Wakaan with illanthropy and smith., respectivelyWhether it’s been heavy or emotional or even a combination of the two, fans have been struck by the diverse range of sounds and themes that Ravenscoon has provided throughout his work.

The Inertia EP is a game-changer for freeform bass music. Starting with the intro track “Speakaz” featuring Noise Pollution, it is clear that Ravenscoon is not holding back one bit on this EP. This powerful drumstep anthem quickly launches us into a bass-driven world that leaves zero room for escape. This high-energy intro will certainly “Smash the Speakaz,” as the vocal sample suggests.

We then get a chance to catch our breath for a little at the start of the second track, “Free Your Mind.” This fan-favorite has been played out in several sets over the last year, most notably by WAKAAN labelhead Liquid Stranger on the “Balance” tour and LSDREAM on his “Peace, Love & Wubz” tour. After a majestically captivating intro with beautiful arps, we are transported into the madness with a piercing bassline and engaging vocals. Ravenscoon takes this one step further on the second drop with a slower, yet still high-energy trapped-out version of the first.

When we arrive at the third track, “Like That,” the energy does not stop. In fact, it increases. This track is a smack-you-in-the-mouth type of banger that breaks all of the rules. An absolute bomb that every basshead craves, Ravenscoon proves that he really is like that on this song. This leads us into the fourth track, “Velocity.” A slightly higher bpm than his normal dubstep roots, this track drew inspiration from prominent bass producers like NGHTMRE, Doctor P, and Shlump. At this point, it is clear that Ravenscoon has truly found his sound as there are several recognizable elements in the basses used that were heard in the previous two tracks.

The fifth track, “Deeper,” stays at about the same bpm as the previous track, and could arguably be mistaken as a Mersiv or Fryar collab, as it gives off some major Digital Eden/MorFlo vibes. This is an ethereal freefall into the beauty and darkness mentioned earlier. I’m a huge fan of the sound design on this one as it tickles the eardrums from all angles, giving every bass and sound its own room to breathe.

“Deeper” then blissfully transitions into the sixth and final track, “Inertia.” The EP’s title track is yet another anthem that fans have been waiting on for quite some time. You might recognize the vocal chops in this from “Awake” in his Rapid Eye Movements EP; however, the way they are used in “Inertia” is perfect for this outro. I can think back to 2020 when this song was in its early stages, getting rinsed during livestreams. Hearing the final version of this beautiful tune highlights the commitment and progress that Ravenscoon has made in finding his sound. A truly remarkable journey for this young talent.

We’re looking forward to continuing to follow Ravenscoon as he continues his rise to dubstep superstardom. What did you think of the “Inertia” EP from Ravenscoon? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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