LEUTHERO is bringing fans a brand new bop today! Formerly known as Matt Ryan, the melodic producer is making a huge move in his short career with today’s brand new release. His newest work, “Our Crimes,” comes to us off the legendary electronic distributor Proximity!

“Our Crimes” is in collaboration with impressive vocalist Micah Martin, whose voice is perfect for any EDM track. Martin has collaborated with the likes of KAYZO, SLANDER, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Dion Timmer, Bear Grillz, and tons of other dubstep artists. Martin most recently worked with Zomboy on a headbanger’s favorite, “Flatlined,” just two weeks ago. His powerful vocals pair perfectly with LEUTHERO’s production efforts and we are so glad these two artists collided on this epic new anthem.

These two artists provided an absolute collision course with their new track. Fans of Illenium, Seven Lions, Said The Sky, or SLANDER will love what LEUTHERO brings to the table with each release. Keep an eye out for him in the future, he’s got an XL future ahead of him! Here is what the two contributing artists had to say about “Our Crimes:”

“I started this song at a time when I was filled with uncertainty about what was next in life.  I knew I was going to be moving across the country to start the next chapter in my story and was terrified if everything was going to work out.  I knew I had to make this change for myself but couldn’t do it on my own.  I wanted to give this track a powerful yet emotional feel.  Using lots of guitars, big drums, and screaming melodies, I felt like I achieved this feeling as I listened back.  After spending many months on this song, I feel it now depicts the story I wanted to tell through the lyrics from Micah’s incredible voice.” – LEUTHERO

“This song speaks on how someone you love can free your heart from darkness and pain, simply by just being there for you. The cages represent “our head/mind” and how that can be a scary place to dwell. This also touches on when that loved one leaves or fall in love with another person, we slip right back into our own mental cages. We stay there, waiting until someone else finds the key to set us free.”- Micah Martin

What did you think of “Our Crimes” from LEUTHERO and Micah Martin? Let us know down below in the comments!

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