The pot-smoking power duo Smoakland and the wobble wizard Wolf-e-Wolf have teamed up for their new single “Reload,” out now through Dirt Monkey’s 19k. If you’ve been keeping your finger on the pulse of the underground over the last couple years, you’ve heard of these up-and-comers.

Smoakland’s recent releases include their collaborative EP with SuperAve. as well as a remix of“Devil Dance” by CHOMPPA. Wolf-e-Wolf recently put out his outstanding Dream System EP on Mersivs Morflo Records. Smoakland and Wolf-e-Wolf combined forces to bring us some heat, and we’re thrilled with the outcome of this dream collaboration.

Smoakland and Wolf-e-Wolf’s “Reload” is a modern banger with an old-school vibe, which we’ve come to expect from each of them. It starts off with some chords that evoke a “UKF circa 2010-2012″ vibe and introduces the groove with a smooth beat. Tension builds and the track explodes into a huge chorus, with a massive sustained bass playing a drawn-out melody over tight halftime/drumstep percussion, while the word “reload” rings out over the top. The second section of the chorus introduces some of the most perfect wubs our ears have ever been blessed with, as well as more old-school synth sounds. The groove continues into the breakdown and second build, and the chorus to follow is massive. Similar sounds with new patterns keep the interest and energy at a peak level throughout.

Smoakland and Wolf-e-Wolf’s “Reload” got us STOKED for festival season. The huge sustain basses, perfect wubs, old school arpeggios, clean drums, and tasteful fills all come together to create an absolute banger that we simply cannot wait to hear live. Smoakland has been hitting the festival circuit hard and are slated to blow minds at a dozen festivals this summer alone, including Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge in June and Sound Haven (two sets!) in July. Wolf-e-Wolf has played several stops on Jantsen‘s tour (including an upcoming show in Boulder) and is slated to play Beyond the Void Festival in July.

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