Bass music dons Alix Perez and Eprom have teamed up to bring fans the latest installment of their Shades side-project. “Dark Wing” rings true to the classic Shades sound while exploring new influences. The duo has been busy playing multiple shows recently, with huge appearances at The Untz Festival, DEF Underground, and an upcoming set at Kosmic Kingdom Festival this weekend. They released their EP ‘The Dance of Death’ last October, and fans couldn’t be more excited about the announcement of more music on the way.

This new track marks the beginning of their new project — an upcoming, fourteen-track LP titled ‘From a Vein’, due to be released late summer on Perez’s label 1985 Music. We got the inside scoop on the upcoming project from the men themselves:

“This album found us experimenting with new production techniques and exploring collaborations with other artists. It’s a continuation but more refined body of work and an exploration of wider sonic fields more diverse in terms of influences, including ambient, field recording, soundtracks, as well as pushing our own vision of modern electronic music. The album was primarily conceived in Portland during the onset of the pandemic, which gave us plenty of time to focus in on the music and dial it in.” – Eprom & Alix Perez

“Dark Wing” begins as ominous tones pulsate with more gradually stratified on top, as foreboding drums further add to the ambiance. Primordial beats envelop the listener into the abyss. Impeccable sound design is further highlighted throughout the track as the heavy bass moves through time in seemingly slow motion. This piece is yet another home run for these two, and it has certainly left us on the edge of our seats waiting for more.

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