After cooking up his debut EP, The Throwdown, in 2019, anti. stayed in the kitchen and continued to serve up heat. The California-based artist has since whipped up fiery releases spanning labels like Quality Good Records, Boost Tape, and Wubaholics. The underground producer was also recently recruited by EDM trap lord UZ for a remix of his heater, “Fire.” Now, anti. is teaming up with longtime supporters FUXWITHIT to bring us a saucy new slapper titled “Eons.”

With “Eons,” anti. takes a slower approach to his hard-hitting sound, allowing the release to slowly reveal itself before rocking you. While succinct snares and punchy kicks season ”Eons,” it’s the main melody that persistently drives the track. Using futuristic blips and a subtle whisper of acid synths, anti. fuses his trap influences with his electronic expertise to create something that is uniquely fresh.

‘Eons’ represents the cyclical nature of music and art and how the art we create can evoke different emotions and feelings within the same track. I really tried to emphasize this with the last drop of the song as you can hear the main lead running through most of the build and post drop, like an echo in eternity that will go on for eons.” – anti.

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