California experimental bass music producer Bassgazm has unveiled his latest diabolical remix. Adding his unique flair, Bassgazm gave Major Lazer’s iconic track “Original Don” a stanky bass makeover.

Major Lazer released “Original Don” in 2011, instantly becoming a hit in the electronic music industry. Leading to Flosstradamus’ epic remix of the track that eventually became a go-to in the community, this song is honestly as iconic as it gets. Today, it’s getting revamped with a heavy dose of bizarre tasteful bass from the creative mind of Bassgazm.

Bassgazm has an exquisite talent for taking massive tracks and molding them into a disparate version, elevating them into a new sound. With over half a million Spotify streams in the past year and two diabolical releases on Excision‘s Subsidia Records, he is rapidly rising the ranks of the quickly-moving bass music world. His production prowess knows no bounds, crafting music that breaks the boundary of genres and creates a ground-breaking individual sound. 

His vast knowledge of sound design makes its presence abundantly clear in this recent release, delivering a genuine one-of-a-kind remix of “Original Don.” From the first drop, the track dives deep into his limitless experimental side, cranking up the bass with his eccentric style. If you are like us and thirst for that strange supernatural sound that keeps you on your toes, this one’s for you. Here’s what Bassgazm had to say about his mind-blowing new remix:

I remember the first time hearing the Flosstradamus remix of Original Don, being absolutely mind blown, loving the vibes, not knowing until shortly after that I just heard trap music for the first time. I was a dubstep enthusiast for years at this time, but after hearing that song, I dove into the world of trap music and was heavily inspired by a combination of dubstep and trap when I first started producing. 

Recently, I had the most random urge to flip Original Don, so I stopped all my other projects and dove into this one. My goal was to make an extremely heavy flip, Bassgazm style, mixing different genres of heavy bass music that I love all in 1 tune. Hope you all enjoy it!”

If you didn’t get bass face after listening to this, we just don’t know what to tell you. Let us know your thoughts on Bassgazm’s remix of “Original Don” down below or on our socials!

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