Bringing their talents to Las Vegas from Switzerland, the L*o*J duo have effortlessly made themselves a staple in the underground scene. Their epic electronic trap production combined with properly buzzing bass eases you into a state of trance and moving and dancing before you can even realize it.

Through collaborations with fellow underground wizards like Dabow, LYNY, Milano, and more, the pair have honestly perfected their sound. This expert execution has brought L*o*J’s tracks to subversive favorites such as Wubaholics, Buygore, FUXWITHIT, Spicy Bois, and many more esteemed electronic labels. Now, L*o*J wants to send you on a bass-fueled chase with their latest heater, “Mr. Hunt.”

The release opens and overwhelms with pensive drums and a brooding atmosphere, drenching the listener in suspense. Before you know it, we take off, weaving through wrenching bass and vocal samples that tease an endless pursuit. Screeching crescendos in the second half of “Mr. Hunt” play on the title of the track, reminiscent of slamming down on your gas pedal and hearing your engine whine as the cylinders fire off. adding a sense of urgency to the tune. Here is what they had to say about their newest work:

“We built the track around the cover art we had received. Due to the length of the production of the song and that constant changing and searching of ideas (hunting for that perfect sound) we found Mr. Hunt was a good fit. 

The underground energy should resemble something challenging. Also, the rhythm and atmosphere almost gives you the feeling of getting chased.” – L*o*J

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