Zomboy is one of the G.O.A.T.S of modern dubstep. Simple as that. Starting from a small town in Penzance, UK, he’s been crafting filthy, diabolical, neck-breaking beats for over ten years.

As a pioneer of the esteemed, recently retired, Never Say Die label, which is home to some of the biggest tracks in dubstep history, Zomboy has become a staple of the bass music world, with a massive arsenal of festival favorite tracks in his artillery.

Huge heavy-hitting anthems like “Like A Bitch,” “Nuclear,” “Terror Squad,” and “Lights Out” were some of the most played tracks at American electronic festivals for back to back to back years. This led to Zomboy crafting dozens more heavy dubstep weapons celebrated across the headbanger community for years to come.

Today, he returns to his horde of hundreds of thousands of fans with a brand new EP, Dead Man Walking Part 1. This release serves as the first EP to land on Zomboy’s freshly minted record label, Rott N’ Roll Records. Two of the four tracks were previously released as singles, “Desperado” and “Flatlined” featuring the vocals of Micah Martin, who you may recognize from other dubious dubstep collabs with huge names like SLANDER, Kayzo, Spag Heddy, and Dion Timmer.

For the title track, “Dead Man Walking,” Zomboy brings out all the stops, assaulting the listener with an array of heavily syncopated bass stabs. On “Last Man Standing”, Zomboy collides with fellow NSD favorite, MUST DIE! This experimental dubstep soundscape features cybernetic synths that transport the listener to a world riddled with a zombie-robot infestation, leaving only the non-headbangers in the dust of the apocalypse.

The first chapter in the Dead Man Walking series is sounding promising and we can’t wait for what’s next from Zomboy and Rott N’ Roll Records. Here’s what Zomboy had to say about his new EP:

“‘Dead Man Walking Pt.1’ has so many levels of meaning to me. While it may be short, I feel the attention to detail is some of my best to date. It also marks the first major release of my very own label ‘Rott N’ Roll Records. Nothing helps me write music more than creating a big theoretical concept to work towards. In my head there is a deep underlying truth in this record, but for the sake of explanation… ‘Dead Man Walking Pt.1’ is the story of a man returning to a civilization he had once abandoned after helping them defeat a common enemy (Rott N’ Roll Pt. 1 & 2). If that goes over your head I don’t blame you, the stories are for me, the music is for you. – Zomboy

We had the pleasure of tapping Zomboy for an official HIHF playlist takeover. You can check out what the undead producer has been listening to as of late below and be sure to check out his brand new Dead Man Walking Part 1 EP too!

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