MUST DIE! is returning to his fans with another heartfelt single, today in the form of his newest track “GRAVEBLOOM.” MUST DIE! recently appeared on Zomboy‘s EP from last week and Eptic‘s album from earlier in 2022, providing exhilarating collaborations that are must-listen for any headbangers out there.

After hitting the scene with his 2014 debut record “Death & Magic,” MUST DIE! has had a super impactful career in the world of modern dubstep. His recent 2021 album, “Crisis Vision”, spanned multiple genres of electronic music and proved once again how versatile as an artist MUST DIE! really is. He has played massive dubstep festivals in the past like Lost Lands and is slated to play ilesoniq, Nocturnal Wonderland, and North Coast Festival to round out 2022.

The track was inspired by the golden era of UK rave and OG artists like The Prodigy, Squarepusher, and Atari Teenage Riot. It boasts an 80s-style synth line that fuses seamlessly with sharp and distinct breakbeats. Following those massive collabs with Zomboy and Eptic, and now “GRAVEBLOOM” we are hoping MUST DIE! continues this avalanche of icey new bangers coming our way.

Here’s what MUST DIE! had to say about the newest release:

“’GRAVEBLOOM’ is something I’ve always wanted to do, thematically. I love a lot of music that breaks formulas and surprises the listener without feeling like a novelty, or relying on the “gotcha” to sell itself. I really wanted the tension to build and release naturally, so I didn’t force it,”  – MUST DIE!

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