L*o*J is the next production duo to join the HIHF fam for volume ninety of our guest mix series. The Vegas by way of Switzerland artists have worked with some of the biggest names in the underground electronic trap world, including Dabow, Jon Casey, and LYNY.

This massive new guest mix is jam-packed with bangers from L*o*J and friends, featuring heat from Noisia, The Upbeats, Imanu, EAZYBAKED, IVY LAB, and more! It’s crystal clear these two have a massive future ahead, the amount of unreleased heat from the duo here is pure absurdity.

Check out our exclusive interview below and enjoy their brand new HIHF guest mix! Tracklist can be found below the interview.

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HIHF: A L*o*J mix is not a L*o*J mix without an intention set behind it, what is the vibe of today’s mix?

L*o*J: We wanted to bring more diversity into this mix. And wanted to mix things together with different styles. So there will be some other music genres included.

We heard your collabs with QUIX and Capshun in your High Society Mix earlier this year and they once again proved that your collaborations are just as epic as your individual projects, are there any other collaboration projects you have on the way and what can you tell us about them?

We just had four days in the studio with our good friend Dabow! We started two tunes and one of them is already finished!

On the topic of collabs, you are experts at them. You know how to effortlessly and authentically express yourselves while leaving room for your collaborators to do the same. What kind of connection do you need to have with another artist in order to accomplish that?

Styles make good music and we believe that if you let other artists do something with your project, you can learn from that. The mix between two styles is like a new genre sometimes. A big part of collaborating is letting room for the other artists. Don’t be too picky with your collaborators trust the process of the other artists. Let them flow. And be patient

Because there are two of you, you are always collaborating in a sense. What does the process of a song from start to finish look like between you guys? What are the pros and cons of having a partner to produce with?

We try to have things balanced but there are pros and cons in each of us. What we would say is that the knowledge in mix and mastering and making the whole song sound good is more Josh’s part. And the writing process is more at Loris’ site. But there is no fixed way on how we operate on a song. We mostly try to do both processes but if we have something important to do we let the person do what he is best at.

Since you have known each other since you were teenagers, what does it mean to you guys to have such a deep connection and history with the person you are navigating this journey with?

The things that we talked about back in the days are now at some level of reality. And to experience that with your best friend is just something else. And the friendship grew over the years because we have also a brand in our hands.

You have an incredible talent for scoping out fresh underground artists, tell us your methods.

We really believe SoundCloud is in that regard so underrated. SoundCloud is such an amazing platform to find new talent!

Who are some of your own influences?

One of the things we would definitely say is party times in Switzerland back in the days. We had so many incredible nights that are definitely an influence. And when it comes to artists, Skrillex, Mr.Carmack, Feed me, gq, and a lot of DnB artists like Mefjus, Maztek, Black Sun Empire, etc.

L*o*J’s release output is wildly impressive, how do you guys do it???

There is actually no fixed way to stay consistent. Just keep making music every day and start planning what to do with those tracks. One of the mistakes we see a lot in upcoming producers is that they’re too picky with releasing music. Especially in your first couple of years. Waiting too long is sometimes a backstep.

Huge thank you to the L*o*J for stopping by for the interview and the guest mix! Be sure to show them some love on socials above! Tracklist below:

L*o*J & daggz – power
L*o*J – live it up
L*o*J & blake skowron – diva
My Humps [L*o*J Flip]
Ivy Lab – teacup
L*o*J – ID
Dabow & L*o*J & Lyny – OG
L*o*J – Reaper
L*o*J – ID
L*o*J – ID
L*o*J – Mr.Hunt
L*o*J – Underdog [Lyny remix]
L*o*J – ID
L*o*J – ID
L*o*J – Eugene – Uranium
Sterfry – science
L*o*J – ID
L*o*J – ID
L*o*J – fight again
L*o*J – ID
Drake – knife talk [L*o*J flip]
Eater – alert
L*o*J – ID
Msft – oh gah
Konebu cyk paranomasia
Jon casey & cab – starsound
Kraddy – android porn [Jon casey Remix]
Dabow & L*o*J slide
Eazybaked – goon mentality
L*o*J & mo vibez – wisdom
L*o*J & mo vibez – juggernaut
Tyler the creator – lubmer jack [L*o*J remix]
L*o*J & dj ride – findthis
Noisia & the upbeats – shibuya pet store
Noisia & imanu – shift

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