Shlump is an extraterrestrial experimental bass producer who has become one of the go-to producers for Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label. Today, he is returning to Wakaan for his new single “Strange Signal,” off his forthcoming EP, Alien Shit Pt. 2.

For the new track, Shlump takes listeners on an intergalactic journey, bringing the swampy, crunchy vibes he has become well-known for. It’s one that you are sure to catch being mixed into the label boss’, Liquid Stranger, sets on his Dimension Tour, as he is well-known for playing Wakaan labelmates’ music.

Here’s what Shlump had to say about the new release:

“‘Strange Signal’ is the first single from my upcoming Alien Shit Pt. 2 EP with Wakaan. I started working on the tune in its rudimentary form back in 2019 during the Universal Wub Tour with LSDREAM. It originally had a vocal sample from Dr. Dre that honestly fit really well but I had to find something else in order to release it. I’ve had the song in my set for a bit now and it has slightly evolved with time.

The initial sound design came together by playing with Operator, a synth within Ableton that I rarely use. Sometimes sound design can work with a synth you know little about because you just turn nobs until you come across something that excites you – more of an experimental process rather than having a goal or sound in mind just trying different things until something sticks. I really like the flow of the drums, kind of an off-kilter hop-hop vibe. People have been waiting on the follow-up to Alien Shit for a while and I’m super excited for everybody all to hear the full EP!” – Shlump

What did you think of “Strange Signal” from Shlump? Let us know in the comments.

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