TLZMN is a devious Bass demon, spawning from the depths of the underworld. He is a favorite of huge labels like Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label and Flux Pavilion and Doctor P‘s legendary Circus Records. Usually focused on creating his distinct DnB sound, TLZMN is taking a detour and switching things up for today’s release.

Ahead of his Uncover Illusions EP, dropping next Friday, November 18th, TLZMN is bringing fans an absolute weapon to prepare themselves for the mayhem to come. We had the pleasure of teaming up with him to premiere the diabolical new single “The Shift”.

Including a reggae dub intro that builds up to an absolutely filthy drop, this is another masterful example of TLZMN’s finely tuned-production work. The track eventually descends into madness and once “The Shift” truly happens, you’ll be left with your jaw on the floor.

“The Shift” takes listeners to outer space, creating an extraterrestrial soundscape for us to traverse. We can’t wait for the upcoming EP from this promising talent. Here’s what TLZMN had to say about the upcoming Uncover Illusions, out next Friday:

“As we continue down the path toward composed equilibrium, as the veil thins, we must adjust our focus, re-align if you will, as we shift into the new earth. To seek truth in the mystery. To see growth in all beings divine and step forth into our power unequivocally. The path less taken. As we dive deep may we rise to our highest potential as we uncover these illusions of separateness in gaining sight of oneness.” – TLZMN

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