Prepare for takeoff, as HEXED returns to the scene with a sub-heavy single, “LAX”, that brandishes an ideal paradigm of hip-hop and bass. Supported by the infectious cadences provided by collaborator Jsiadi Noon, the duo produces this booming party starter that is sure to touch ground with listeners.

HEXED has been consistent in his delivery of experimental, rap-oriented bass tracks that redefine the standards in the trap genre since his recent come up. A graduate of Icon Collective’s music production program in LA and inspired by the abundance of musical innovation, the Las Vegas-based producer converges his acquired west coast sonic stylings with elements of east coast trap that bind him to his roots in Tampa, Florida. His multi-faceted musicality has proven to work in his favor, gaining support from Mersiv’s MorFlo Records as well as dubstep heavyweights like Zeds Dead and TVBOO.

Through his previous releases this year, HEXED has been able to set the stage for himself, seamlessly fusing dubstep with provocative, trap-influenced vocals. Tracks like “187” with Z-Dougie honored his sound design know-how and mind-rattling bass control. Further showcasing this versatility, “Lightspeed” featuring ION and Lil Traffic from his recent Paradox EP, paid homage to HEXED’s admiration for rap, while simultaneously delivering a hypnotic bass line. Now, reconnecting with collaborator Jsiadi Noon from the 2021 single “Fourth Kind”, HEXED ensures that their newest release brings all of these elements together into a single, fuelled-up banger.

The foundation of “LAX” rests on hefty 808s while Noon lays down back-to-back verses that encourage listeners to migrate to the dancefloor. HEXED maintains a stimulating tempo before stepping up to break the beat down in an enticing back and forth with deep vibrations and suave synths by the track’s close. Without a doubt, “LAX” is a trapaholic’s anthem that has the means to penetrate the mainstream electronic scene, with this consciously crafted sound eagerly inviting hip-hop fans into the world of EDM trap.

Here is what HEXED had to say about “LAX”:

“This song is like an escape, bringing me back to LA where my passion for making music began. I made this for anyone wishing they were in LA chasing their dreams.” – HEXED

What were your thoughts on “LAX”? Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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