Raleigh, NC-based Criso (formerly known as TYLR) is coming out of the gates HOT with his new Emerge EP. We’ve had our eye on this impressive up-and-comer for some time and the new EP showcases his diverse palette and insane production talent. Two tracks from the EP premiered early, and we’re stoked to finally hear (and share) the rest of what he’s put together for this release. From Deep Dubstep to Garage to Liquid Drum & Bass, Emerge has something for everyone.

The first track off Criso’s Emerge EP is “Foolery” but we’ve already covered this one in depth, so check out that writeup here.

The second track is titled “Repeater” and is aptly named. This slick 140 heater starts off with some percussive synths and ambiance that tease the rhythm and mood of the track. The chorus dives right into a groovy machine gun bassline that will have the dance floor going wild. Clean drums add danceability, and ear candy is tastefully placed throughout. The second chorus evolves from the first, with a crisp sound design and perfectly selected percussion. This is a dubstep track for the club, a real banger from Criso.

Next, we have “Drop Off.” This one has some really cool movement in the intro that leads perfectly into the grungy first chorus. A pitch-drop bass repeats before switching out to a fat vowel bass. This transitions into a new bass with some crazy filter movement. The sound design is unique, but all the basses work insanely well together. Garage-style hats lend a nice groove to the whole experience. The rhythms change in the second drop, but the danceability remains at peak levels. A very solid entry on the EP, “Drop Off” is a masterclass in keeping things moving, both the production and the listener!

The next track “Rebound” is an absolute gem. The switch in pitch from the intro to the chorus adds impact to the bassline, while vocal samples add a human element. Like “Repeater” and “Drop Off,” this track is extremely danceable and sonically it is clean yet powerful. Hollow, deep basses define this track, with killer motifs established in the patterns and in the sound design itself. It’s a slapper!

Next, we have “Field Of Vision.” Wow… He did NOT have to go this hard. This melodic garage track features mesmerizing vocals and rich pads and synths. This is definitely one of my top tracks of 2022. The chorus is so minimal yet tasteful, with a beautiful reese bass underpinning the garage drums, synth and effect hits, and vocal shots. Criso has crafted a dreamlike soundscape, a track of truly rare quality. To me “Field Of Vision” is a timeless piece of art, and shows incredible promise for the future of this young producer.

Finally, we have “Stay.” This Liquid DnB entry features smooth chords, a beautiful atmosphere, a catchy vocal, and a highly polished quality. Criso shows his impeccable taste here, with every element of the track in its proper place and working together flawlessly. I’m just speechless. Side note: if you dig this track, make sure to check out Criso’s flip of Rufus Du Sol‘s “Innerbloom” as well!

As a whole, Emerge was an excellent first showcase of the Criso project. Take a listen below and tell us your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to follow Criso on social media, so you can keep an eye out for upcoming show announcements, support his growth, and hear more of his amazing music!

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