Join A Hundred Drums as she embarks on a metaphysical auditory experience of her own design in her new single, “Scream”. Supplemented by the harmonious vocals of MAE B, the duo spawns an ambient, other-worldly tune that utilizes airy FX and rhythmic drums to entrance listeners.

A Hundred Drums has been boldly showcasing her hypnotic bass control that is ingrained with worldly percussion all over the country, enchanting electronic fans with her transcendent versatility. Just this year alone, AHD has dominated stages at countless music festivals like Suwannee Hulaween, Summer Camp, and Lost Lands. The highly-sought after natural soundscapes of A Hundred Drums have allowed her to spin her masterpieces at DeadRocks alongside bass legends, Zeds Dead. Additionally, she joined Rezz on her insane Spiral Tour earlier in the year. If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself at an A Hundred Drums set, prepare your mind to be blown by her unique performance.

A Hundred Drums has proven time and time again that she can adapt to just about any electronic genre, whether it be dubstep, downtempo, drum and bass, or psytrance.“Scream” surely conjures up AHD’s impassioned side. This musing, expressive track was created in conjunction with its fierce sister track, “Deep Space”, which debuted last month. From start to finish, the juxtaposition of “Deep Space” and “Scream” exhibits A Hundred Drums’ intentional duality that ignites and extinguishes an emotional fire within the listener. The project was released via Mersiv’s Morflo Records, which acts as the ideal home for this freeform creation.

Collaborator MAE B carries the track with her ethereal melodies, inviting listeners to “surrender to it all, scream and never fall” in the chorus. A Hundred Drums steers the bass line alongside her trademark percussion, embedding waning FX that aid the track in maintaining its revitalizing energy. The synergy between A Hundred Drums and MAE B translates into a soul-touching sonic sensation that represents 2010-era dubstep, intertwined with A Hundred Drums’ signature freeform tendencies.

Here is what A Hundred Drums had to say about “Scream”:

“This release is the sister track to ‘Deep Space’ . ‘Deep Space’ is about the heavy and aggressive void, while ‘Scream’ is about a more introspective feel. We all know screaming is a great outlet. So I hope one day, we can all scream together!” – A Hundred Drums

Earning her rightful position as a headliner, you can expect to see A Hundred Drums next show in Las Vegas with Chef Boyarbeatz on November 15th. If you are eager to see “Scream” live, A Hundred Drums is set to perform alongside MAE B in Vancouver, Canada on November 18th.

What were your thoughts on A Hundred Drums’ new single, “Scream”? Stream the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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