Khiva‘s taken the scene by storm this year, and while she’s already had immense success prior, 2022 has been truly special. We’ve seen her really dive into the rap side of her project and blend it into the sweet, juicy dark bass she crafts so well. For anyone who’s been lucky enough to catch a set from her, you’ve more than likely witnessed this first hand. Tracks like “Swampmonster” (a personal favorite of mine) truly depict the energetic flow this tastemaker has, as well as her latest track Misplaced Apathy off today’s brand new EP Phantom Forces, out now for the world to hear.

This six-track EP is beautiful, eerie, and embodies everything Khiva is – all while proving you cannot keep her contained in one genre box. To kick things off we have “Poetic Violence,”  and honestly there’s no better name for this track. It felt like being trapped inside a brooding poem, with lyrics and darkness wrapping around you. Yet, at the same time, giving a sense of tranquility and calmness as her voice echoes throughout. “Misplaced Apathy” is up next, packing those low-end frequencies, chest-bumping bass, and, of course, Khiva’s clean, fast-paced flow.

“Float” comes in and immediately we hear this hypnotic distortion of sounds. Once her vocals come in, there is no turning back. Khiva pulls you deep into the trenches of her creative mind and signature beats. Something about her voice makes you want to just hear more, especially when it’s layered in with that deep, dark bass. “Roulette” is probably my favorite track off the EP. The line “Even when I can’t stand it, ‘ll keep on searching for the magic” speaks volumes to my soul. Khiva is without a doubt one of my favorite artists right now and this track is exactly why. It’s everything and more that makes up this exceptional human and her musical project.

Next, up on Phantom Forces, we have “Sign.” From the moment that first note hits, you feel the hairs on your neck immediately stand up. The darkness engulfs you and her soothing voice leads you through the abyss of this brooding track. The EP wraps up with an instrumental version of “Roulette,” allowing listeners to just sit back and enjoy those staple Khiva frequencies.

This year was truly wonderful for this connoisseur of sound and makes me even more excited to see what blessings next year brings her. Listen to Phantom Forces now on your preferred music platform, and let us know your favorite track off the EP in the comments!

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