GRiZ has got the whole place rocking yet again with an EP containing three long-awaited IDs in his newest installment of his Bangers collection, sequentially dubbed Bangers[7].Zip. The brilliant Grant Kwiecinski offers some of his most filthy dubstep to date, while collaborators Chrishira Perrier and ProbCause add their signature flair in “Skydive” and “MEGAZORD”, keeping the tracks spicy and energetic. A polar opposite from his mellow Chasing The Golden Hour Pt. 4 installation from September, the Bangers[7].Zip EP reminds fans that GRiZ is the ultimate dubstep don.

GRiZ has had a phenomenal year thus far, producing several curated events like GRiZMAS in July, Triple Rainbow, and Another World. These GRiZ-centered events have acted as the optimal platforms for showcasing rising talent, highlighting LGBTQ+ and women producers/DJs across a majority of the lineups. Wreckno, Notlö, Lucii, CloZee, and J.Worra are just a handful of the electrifying acts that have stepped up to represent these communities.

The message of “show love, spread love” has always been a constant at GRiZ shows. This year, he initiated the Harmony Project in partnership with DanceSafe and Good Night Out Vancouver at his events, which provides fans with on-site harm reduction and safety resources.

At GRiZMAS in July in Wilmington, North Carolina, GRiZ also donated the proceeds from his oceanfront beach party to Ocean Cure, a non-profit charity that focuses on coastline accessibility and surf programs. Grant makes it clear that none of his efforts would be possible without the support of his dedicated fanbase. It is evident that the fruitful give-and-take relationship between GRiZ and his fans has produced a positive feedback loop for the electronic community and beyond.

Today, GRiZ presents fans with three gnarly IDs, “Skydive”, “Laser Fire”, and “MEGAZORD”, which all prove to be moshpit must-haves. Previously teased throughout sets earlier in the year, these highly-anticipated bangers certainly lean into GRiZ’s heavyweight dubstep roots. 

“Skydive” is the ideal opener track for the Bangers[7].Zip EP, immediately drawing in listeners with hype vocals that build to a meaty crescendo. Without hesitation, GRiZ drops deep, menacing bass that seamlessly transitions into sassy verses from Chrishira and ProbCause. Massive hooks with altered vocals and an army of rave synths ignite a fire in listeners, pulling them to the rail like magnets. The final verse boldly transcends into spiraling bass oblivion intertwined with charged-up ad-libs.

Following this, “Laser Fire” continues to keep the vibes high, employing gritty bass and booming drums as a backbone. Sharp synths and laser FX that are reminiscent of his intergalactic Space Camp set transport fans into a world of cosmic dubstep. This headbanger’s ear candy is undoubtedly meant to be played out at maximum volume for the full effect, with the amplitude growing exponentially in every verse.

For the grand finale, GRiZ, ProbCause, and Chrishira unleash “MEGAZORD”. This womping monster of a track begins with ProbCause spitting one of his signature verses that give listeners a case of chronic bass face from the start. Chrishira’s saucy vocals support GRiZ’s intense build-up, before reaching a crescendo that declares “heads gonna knock in the moshpit”. GRiZ does not hold back, throwing down some of his most dirty, brazen, bass-heavy drops yet. Flying frequencies and layers of metallic synths encourage bass heads to go crazy, as they face the wrath of the “MEGAZORD”. The crew brings the tune back around for another unforgiving round of dirty bass and neck-breaking gold, solidifying that these big three are here to stay.

GRiZ is not finished with his run of must-see events this year, with GRiZMAS, Space Camp, and HiJinx Fest still on deck for fans to flock to. You can expect GRiZ to share these stages with fan favorites like Of The Trees, NGHTMRE, G Jones, and Zingara.

Have you heard GRiZ’s epic Bangers[7].Zip EP yet? Check out the tracks below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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