ADAME reveals his new heater, “Comin Thru”. The single is a hard-hitting bass track that showcases ADAME’s high-energy production style. This artist has had a steady stream of consistent releases on noteworthy labels – Wubaholics, Wavecraft Collective, and Electric Hawk just to name a few.

The track builds tension from the very start, with rave-inspired arpeggios and a classic fast-paced build. ADAME’s combination of heavy basses and captivating rhythm truly packs a punch and catches listeners’ ears and attention.

ADAME’s past tracks showcase a distorted bass sound similar to artists like SHADES and MYTHM, but with “Comin Thru,” the artist shows that he’s capable of creating a wide range of styles as well.

Here is what ADAME had to say about the new track:

“With ‘Comin Thru’ I really wanted to connect high energy and danceability in one of my tracks, listening to a lot of Skrillex, SPACE LACES and JOYRYDE I got inspired to mix different aspects of my sound design to create a heavy yet memorable drop.” – ADAME

For producers out there who are looking to level up their production and make some ADAME-inspired tunes, you can check out his sample pack here.

Also, peep ADAME’s single below, out now through So Called Sound, and let us know your thoughts on the track in the comments or on our socials!

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