The “tree boi” is back today with a long-awaited release. Tyler Coombs, AKA Of The Trees, finally blessed fans with “The Owl Song.” Featuring the hypnotic sounds of an owl he discovered on the property of his Denver home, this ethereal track is truly what Of The Trees is all about.

Following Of The Trees’ most recent EP, Tale Of Elegos,” this track features an abundance of heavy bass we have come to expect while remaining true to his beautiful melodic side. He masterfully crafted each track with fluidity and soothing tempos laden with the perfect amount of bass. Like “Tale Of Elegos,” this will be another release on Of The Trees’ own independent music label, Memory Palace.

“The Owl Song” is brilliantly simplistic yet complex from start to finish. The alluring melody draws you in and you find yourself introduced to the serene ambiance of nature. The sonorous tempo matching the reverberating vocals of the distinguished owl provides calming effects and induces uncontrollable head bobbing. As the synths ebb and flow throughout the track and the track comes to a close, you feel rejuvenated and whole.

With every new Of The Trees release, we find ourselves awed with his production prowess. We always recommend a high-quality set of headphones or monitors to catch every little piece thoughtfully placed within his work. The delicate little details bring out an added level of astonishment in his music and should never go unnoticed.

What are your thoughts on Of The Trees’ mystical new track “The Owl Song?” Did you find yourself lost in the forest too? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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Photo Captured by @tylerhillphoto


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