The bass scene is flourishing with new sounds and artists pushing the envelope on the genres we all know and love. One doing this with grace (and lots of bass) is a very talented creator by the name of JABBS. If you haven’t heard of him yet, there’s no better time than now.

JABBS has quickly made a name for himself and already landed huge releases with collectives like Sweet Sounds Collective, The Gradient Perspective, Street Ritual, DDD, and Widdfam, just to name a few.

He’s got quite the knack for crafting heavy, weird, and deep bass bangers, but today is showing off a slightly softer, different side to the project. Chair 14 is an eight-track EP diving into the ethereal, emotive side of JABBS, and it’s honestly some of my personal favorite music he’s put out. Those darker tunes always tickle my fancy, but something about the sounds found on this EP speak to my soul on a different level.

Super excited to share my latest EP Chair 14 with you all. This project is a sonic exploration of some of my favorite memories spent on mountainsides with my brothers. I hope it is a nice companion for you over the next colder months, while we get ready to be renewed this spring. Love you all – JABBS

When an artist can connect with you on every level of emotion, it truly is something special. JABBS has done this seamlessly on Chair 14, each track taking listeners on a different journey through emotive-fueled frequencies, painting different images in the mind, and transporting you to places unseen by the naked eye. “Charlotte Dome” felt like running through a grassy field, the sun beaming down, kissing your skin with warmth. Each element of the track felt like the feeling of tall grass tickling your fingertips, as you spin in circles with giddiness.

The title track “Chair 14” is a beautiful, moving, and ethereal experience. Just like the track before it, there’s a subtle feeling of nature weaved into each and every piece of this gorgeous tune. Those emotive feelings never fade as we traverse through the remainder of the EP with tracks “Almond,” and “Memories” w/ Swomp. The icing on the cake, Chair 14 comes to a close with a very special remix of “Memories,” from his good friend and HIHF favorite Yoko. It’s sweet, tasteful, and the perfect way to wrap up this latest project from the mind of JABBS.

Have a favorite track off the EP? Let us know in the comments! Stream Chair 14 down below on your preferred music platform.

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