G Jones is back with a mesmerizing six-track Ep, Illusory Tracks. The EP includes three previously released singles,  R.A.V.E.,”  “Operator,” and “Say What” and it’s out now through Jones’ Illusory Records.

G Jones has been a significant force pushing modern bass music and acid up the charts and onto festival stages over the past decade. The Illusory Tracks EP is another genre staple, exhibiting outrageous creativity and masterful sound design. On the Illusory Tracks EP, G Jones clashes with the likes of frequent collaborator Eprom and relative newcomer ISOxo on “R.A.V.E.” and “Say What,” respectively. Jones was blown away when San Diego rising superstar producer, ISOxo, a.k.a. Julien Isorena, sent him an early demo for “Say What”:

Julian sent me a demo of this idea and I immediately loved it. He sent over stems, and from there the rest of the track came together really quickly. It felt like a really natural and effortless collaboration.” – G Jones

The EP incorporates many inspirations that call back lost sounds from G Jones’ live sets and previous releases. This year, Jones has taken the stage at Lost Lands, EZoo, Bass Canyon, Bonnaroo, Lightning in a Bottle, EDC Vegas, and gone b2b with Virtual Self at Porter Robinson‘s Second Sky Festival. To close out 2022, he is opening for GRiZ at Hampton Colliseum’s Space Camp event. Also, he will be christening the new year in Jacksonville, FL, at the Museum of Science and History with his very own New Year’s special event. We’re so excited to see where else he goes in 2023!

We’re so pumped G Jones has finally unleashed his latest project, the Illusory Tracks EP. It’s yet another stellar example of the production prowess that he brings to the table on every release.

What do you think of the EP? If you still need to listen, check it out below, then send us a tweet to let us know how it is – even the most minor social media support goes a long way for the HIHF Team! 

Featured photo from Lauren Marrone

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